COVID-19 Mitigation Procedures


Welcome back! We are so excited to see all of our patients and be able to resume dental treatment! We appreciate your understanding during these challenging and rapidly changing times. The novel coronavirus has helped to emphasize the importance of the health standards we and so many other dental practices have had in place for years. We are working to meet and exceed current safety standards using the research and advice from trusted health officials in the same ap-proach we take in our practice. Your health and safety, and that of our staff is our primary concern.

Please see below the new measures we are taking as well as those that you may not have been familiar with. For the latest information and guidance, please refer to the Vermont Department of Health website, the CDC’s COVID-19 situation webpage, or the American Dental Association’s (ADA) website.

Dr. D, Dr. DJ, Dr. B, and the staff at Dickinson Branon Dental Care


Patient Management – What to expect at your next appointment

  1. You may be called before you arrive at your appointment and asked screening questions. If you are not feeling well, please call us and we will be happy to reschedule you.
  2. Upon entering the building, please wear a mask and check in with our staff before sitting in our waiting room. A team member will take your temperature before bringing you back to your treatment room. Our entire team will be gowned up with personal protective equipment, but don’t worry, we are still smiling under all of it!
  3. After your appointment please, re-don your mask before leaving the treatment room as we check you out and schedule your next appointment behind our new St. Albans Glass shields.
  4. Where possible, we may conduct follow up and additional appointments via our HIPAA compliant tele-medicine portal.


Personal Protective Equipment – Safety for Staff and Patients

  1. Our staff has been fitted with N95 masks which reduce the particulates generated and passed.
  2. Clean Gowns, Hair coverings and face shields – outer garments are changed throughout the day to reduce cross contamination.
  3. Glass shields are placed between non-clinical staff and patients to facilitate ease of communication and smiles.
  4. Patients are asked to wear masks wherever possible to reduce contaminants in common areas.


Building and Engineering considerations – A clean and safe workspace

  1. Fogging – The air in our operatories is decontaminated between patients using a cold fogging machine, a safe and effective method of deactivating aerosolized viruses, as performed by other medical facilities, such as Massachusetts General Hospital’s.  
  2. Filtered Air – Our air filtration system which we installed in 2021 turns over the air in the office every 7 minutes. 
  3. Sterilization – As we have been doing for years, our practice subscribes to the highest levels of standards for sterilization.
  4. General Cleaning – Each operatory is wiped down with Cavicide® wipes between patients as is our standard practice, which kills virus and bacteria within 2-3 minutes.
  5. The operatories are draped with sterile material for each patient to reduce touchpoint contamination.


We are working hard to keep everyone safe in this uncertain time. As new information is being released, we are constantly training and working together to implement the safest controls possible. We appreciate your work in this too with social distancing, the use of masks and limiting exposure in your lives. Together Vermont has made great strides, but we are ever vigilant in our practice, and appreciate the effort of the community we live and work in. Thank you! 

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