Learn how laser dentistry can benefit your oral health.

Technology has touched almost every industry around the world, and dentistry is no exception.

Modern dentists have access to tools and resources that are more tech-savvy and innovative than ever before, and patients are the ones who get to reap the benefits. One example of an advanced practice that’s changing the dental world for the better? Laser dentistry.

Today, we’re sharing more about this type of dental treatment, as well as the many health benefits it provides.

What is laser dentistry?

Before we dive into its features, let’s explain what laser dentistry is. In short, it is the use of lasers to perform various dental techniques that once required the use of metal tools, such as drills. As you might expect, this approach is a more comfortable treatment option for many different conditions.

How does it work? Your dentist will use a laser instrument to create light energy that’s concentrated into a narrow and focused beam. When this light hits the hard or soft tissue of your teeth, it produces a specific reaction. This allows your dentist to remove or re-shape that tissue as required.

There are two main types of laser dentistry. Let’s review the basics of each procedure.

Hard Tissue Laser Dentistry

Hard tissue laser dentistry refers to procedures that involve your teeth. These treatments include:

  • Cavity detection
  • Tooth preparations
  • Dental fillings
  • Tooth sensitivity improvements

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

Soft tissue laser dentistry refers to procedures that involve your gum tissue. These treatments include:

  • Gum reshaping
  • Gum surgery
  • Muscle attachment improvements
  • Removing soft tissue folds (from ill-fitting dentures)
  • Correcting tongue frenulum attachment (tongue tie)

In addition, your dentist can also use laser dentistry to perform other treatments, including:

  • Benign oral tumor removal
  • Nerve regeneration
  • Teeth whitening
  • TMD treatment
  • Sleep apnea support

Health Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Interested in pursuing this form of treatment during your next visit? Let’s check out 8 of the top health benefits you can expect to experience!

1. Quicker Healing and Recovery Times

Traditional dental tools are effective, but some can lead to longer healing times. On the other hand, laser dentistry expedites the healing process so you can get back to your life quicker and in less pain than you might expect.

2. Minimized Discomfort

While your dentist will use every resource to make sure your visit is as pain-free as possible, there are some procedures that can leave you a little uncomfortable. This is where laser dentistry really shines. Without the use of sharp, hard dental tools, your procedure will be far more comfortable. In fact, you may not even require the use of anesthesia at all!

3. Less Risk of Infection

Whether you’re getting a cleaning, filling, or any other type of dental treatment, traditional metal dental tools can create small abrasions in your gums. The microscopic open wound that results can increase your risk of infection. Laser dentistry does not aggravate your hard or soft tissue in the same way. Instead, they actually sterilize the area they’re precisely focused upon. This helps to eliminate most of the bacteria in that area. As a result, there’s less risk of infection.

4. Quieter Treatments

Research shows that more than 60% of people worldwide suffer from some form of dental fear. Often, this apprehension is triggered by the telltale whirring sound of the drill they’ve come to dread. These patients will be especially thrilled with how gentle and quiet laser dentistry is. Instead of vibrating the plaque off of your teeth, the laser will vaporize it in an instant, all without the pain or noise of a traditional treatment.

5. Incredible Precision

One major benefit of addressing your dental issues with a laser? There’s a significantly lower risk of damaging the tissues that surround the problem area. This is because these treatments are incredibly precise. Not only does this help lower your pain level, but it also ensures that all surrounding tissue can remain untouched and unbothered.

6. Minimized Bleeding

Bleeding, inflamed gums don’t have to be your reality after a soft tissue dental treatment. If you’re dreading an upcoming procedure on your gums, ask your dentist about laser dentistry instead. The laser will promote blood clotting and greatly reduce the amount of bleeding you’ll experience when the procedure is complete.

7. Less Use of Sutures

As mentioned, the use of a laser will encourage the blood in your tissue to naturally clot on its own. As such, there is less of a need for dental sutures. This is welcome news for anyone who’s ever dealt with these cumbersome, often uncomfortable, dissolvable stitches. In addition to saving you money and pain, nixing the use of sutures also shortens your treatment time and gets you out the door quicker!

8. Ideal for Those with Sensitive Teeth

Are you especially sensitive to even the most basic and routine dental treatments? Around one in eight adults have sensitive teeth. In fact, some people’s teeth are so sensitive that it hurts to even brush their teeth! If this is you, laser dentistry is a must. Not only can it reduce pain for all patients, but it’s especially beneficial for those who struggle with severe tooth sensitivity.

Take advantage of laser dentistry today!

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