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Root Canals
Our office offers endodontic therapy, also known as root canals, in a calm, caring environment.  A root canal is needed when the nerve inside the tooth has been compromised due to infection or trauma.  Root canal therapies are a great option allowing patients to retain their natural teeth after the nerve tissue inside the tooth has died. A root canal, while often given a bad reputation, is very similar to a filling done on any tooth. However, instead of removing tooth structure from the outside of the tooth surface, our skilled clinicians carefully remove the soft inner part of the tooth, the nerve, alleviating the patient from the possibly uncomfortable symptoms. This is achieved by making a small access hole through the biting surface of the tooth. In some instances, a medicine is placed inside the tooth to reduce the amount of bacteria present. The tooth is then filled with a rubber-based material, called gutta percha. The tooth will then need to be permanently restored with a new filling or crown to keep the inside of the tooth free of infection. 

In some cases, a tooth may have decay or fracture (break) to an extent which it cannot be predictably restored. In this case an extraction may be indicated to prevent an abscess or infection which could put one's overall health at risk. Extraction of a tooth may also be indicated due to periodontal disease or for orthodontic or occlusal spacing concerns. In these cases, our skilled doctors carefully remove erupted teeth. For teeth impacted within bone such as wisdom teeth, or based on our patients' needs and preferences, we also refer our patients to a local oral surgeon with which we have long-standing professional relationships.

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