Dr. Grace Dickinson Branon, DMD

Dr. Branon continues to stride for academic excellence, keeping current with the new and latest dental technology by attendance and participation in continuing education throughout the year. With these new techniques and technology she brings with confidence to her practice and patients. She has extensive training in laser treatments and is an Alumni member of Dawson Occlusal Studies specializing in TMJ disorders and occlusion, her goal is to offer patients high quality dental care that also focuses on preventative and cosmetic dentistry all in a comfortable and friendly setting.

Dickinson & Branon's dental team of dental care professionals are all focused on improving the patient experience and providing the very best service possible. They have remained visible in their community by providing dental education to many of the local schools, and wellness programs. Dr. Branon believes that creating and caring for beautiful smiles begins early. She founded "Small Town Big Smiles," an education program in local schools. 

Dr. Branon resides in Fairfield with her husband, Danny. When she is not working, she enjoys running, skiing, hiking and spending time with her husband, friends and family.

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